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SMARTii | Homepage of SMART Innovation Institute Ltd.
SMARTii | Homepage of SMART Innovation Institute Ltd.
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Dear Visitor!

Be welcome on our webpage, that we created to showcase the work of our team, the SMARTii team. We are publishing here our ideas, achievements, mission, vision and also our notifications on the happening of the world. SMARTii is a special team specialized in green and renewable energy, but we also pay attention to other environmental questions. Our basic activity is developing our own innovative technologies, systems, machinery and tools in the aforementioned fields.

On the “For Investors” page we are providing information to our future partners.

On the Inventions page, you can read about our actual developments and projects.

At the Articles page, we are citing recent articles which show what we are interested in, what inspires or annoys us.

The TRIZ is a not widely known innovation analyzing and developing methodology, that we are an expert of. Using this methodology and developing it for our taste we worked out our own SID (SMARTii Invention Development) method. When we are dealing with innovation, development, products, machines, or analyzing, evaluating, correcting processes, or solving technological problems we are using our SID method.

Our mission

The SMARTii team’s mission is to change the life of people and develop key technologies that can stop the climate-change, and solve life-threatening problems of the world.

We would like to ensure a good future world for our children with dependence on technologies and energy.

Basics of our Development process

Throughout our developments, we keep an eye on these things, irrelevant of the order:

  • Solution: It should. provide the best possible solution to the given problem
  • Manufacturability: It should be easily producible
  • ROI: It should have an as-short-as-possible ROI time length
  • Low complexity: It shouldn’t consist fragile/complex/too expensive parts
  • Easy fixes: It should be easily (possibly DIY) reparable
  • Resistance: It should resist even extreme (weather) conditions
  • High efficiency: It should be much more effective than the similar solutions/products
  • Novelty content: It should consist a new original idea
  • Usefulness: It should be useful and provide help at least for the civil level and/or for the small and medium enterprises
  • Costeffectiveness: It should provide higher efficiency at the same price level as the competitors and should be cost-effective throughout its whole lifecycle
  • Long lifetime: All of our products are planned with long lifecycles
  • Full lifecycle view: We are taking into account the investment and operational costs of the customers
  • Low GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions: if we can’t bring the GHG emission of the product to zero we are minimizing it to the lowest possible level
  • Design: Functionality and Design rarely meet but we are putting effort into the design of the products also to make them even more appealing on the market
  • System: When we are creating something we know it will cause changes on the system level also which we are highly aware of and try to plan with it


If You have any questions please contact us through email: info[at]

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