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It is our mission to carry out our ideas and to take them to the market as products. Without too much self-confidence we think we have many original ideas. Every invention is in a different phase. Since developing something new costs a lot of money, energy, and patience, we move forward slowly.

On this page we would like to introduce some of our inventions, giving more or less information about the innovation. In some cases, only minimal information can be given because we would like to patent them later. In the first group, we introduce the inventions which we have already started to patent.

Steam Engine Revolution

The SER technology can significantly change the operation and emission of coal-fired power plants, and it can also improve their adjudication too. An SER power plant will be much more efficient; will be able to produce more energy with the use of the same amount of coal quantity.

More details >>>

Fire Proof System

The key to the safety of the chemical industry is the safe storage of flammable materials. Thousands of scientists and developers all over the world seek for the solution of storing dangerous liquids and gases safely.

A storage unit (tank) with FPS can store any oil derivatives, methane, ammonia, hydrogen safely even in naked light for hours.

More about FPS>>>


A Worldwide serious problem is the spread of deserts. This could be solved easily and cost-effectively with the support of the SMARTii Sand4Brick technology! SMART Innovation Institute Ltd. has developed and has the Sand4Brick technology that allows almost any quality sand, additives and even minimal use of (salt) water, locally made building materials production.

More about SandBrick >>>


The SWDW invention is a new, only solar-energy operated, multiple stage technology solution, which able to produce from Sea-water to mineral-water quality drinking water.The special feature of this invention is that the transformation is possible in industrial and personal dimensions also.

More about SWDW >>>


One of the most significant inventions of SMARTii team is the SolEnEye which is a mini solar power plant working with concentrated solar energy, giving 5 kW electrical and 6 kW heat power with 70% efficiency.

SolEnEye can provide energy independence for those small entrepreneurs who are afraid of a possible break-down of the electric network, or for those, who want to do something against the climate change.

More about SolEnEye >>>

Magma Tank

The MagmaTank (MT) development started from the need of a basically big-density heat store, which means that a big heat capacity shall be solved in a relatively small place. After a long experimentation we developed a solid material with an unbelievable heat capacity. Its 1m3 can store 380kWh heat energy.

For comparison, the heating and melting of 1m3 lead needs 250kWh energy, which means that big is its heat storing capacity.

The technology is currently over the proof-of-concept level, with EU definition: TRL4.

More about MagmaTank >>>


Everybody knows the black-painted oil barrels located in the garden of summer resorts, from which we can have a quick shower after an exhausting gardening. We thought it would be great if it could work all the year. Is it possible? Yeah, we did it!

More about Helio Barrel >>>

MWE (Modular Wind Engine)

Using the TRIZ method we examined all the wind turbine technologies of the current market and we have seen that those operate on the grounds of the drag or the Bernoulli principle. We managed to create and test a wind turbine construction that uses both the above-mentioned principles and therefore rids the limits of the actual turbines.

The Mwe’s electricity production is more cost efficient than the current turbine technologies’ of the market.

More about MWE >>>

GET (Green Energy Tower)

The GET is a device collecting and storing green energy which can heat an average family house, moreover, can also provide hot water and electricity to it.

More about GET >>>