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For Investors

Dear prospective investor partner!

The mission of the SMARTii team is development, innovation, which requires a lot of resources, creativity, knowledge, energy, perseverance and money. Our creative, innovative team always works on more concepts than there are enough resources to implement, so we welcome offers from investors who want to be part of our team in the hope of joint results.
The first milestone is the proof-of-concept, that is, how the theory works, at least on a small scale. This level is mostly financed by ourselves, even if it involves a serious financial burden, because in this way we can prove the theoretical foundations in practice.
Further developments are usually carried out in partnership.
That is why we are looking for investment partners for our team.

We have marketing materials to our projects in line with today ‘s trends, such as  but perhaps we can describe it on our own side that we still think we are a little different from today’s “startup” trend. Not only because of our age and experience, but also because of the number of our projects and our methods of development.

We do not want to win the “startup competition”, but to make as many of our projects as possible to the satisfaction of ourselves, our partners and society as a whole.

Of course, we have to admit that we are most interested in finding a solution, creative team work, building an original tool from scratch based on the guidance given by TRIZ, developing cheap but durable sub-solutions, but we are happy to see the financial benefits we share it with funders who play a big role in the outcome.

Dear Visitor, our future partner, so that we can embark on a common journey, please see what projects we are currently working on and visit our Inventions page.

If you have attracted your attention and are interested in what the SID innovation method we use is about, we recommend our SID page.

You can contact us via email:  info [at]