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For Investors

Dear prospective investor partner!

The Smartii team’s missions are the developments and the innovations which require sources, creativity, knowledge, energy, steadiness and money. Well, we have the fewest of the latter, therefore we need partners in order to implement projects.

The first milestone is the proof-of-concept ,that is how the theory works (at least in little). Reaching this is already a serious challenge if it has to be financed from “pocket money”. Usually we manage to take this step, but here is where the things stop without money.

This is th reason we seek investor partners!

We know it is not really working if we just write cute things about us and wait for something to happen, so we dared to study, attended startup incubation courses and started to make up-to-date marketing materials about our projects:

  • One Pager
  • 2 Pages Executive Summary
  • BMC (Business Model Canvas)
  • 5 minute pitch presentation
  • Business Plan

We learned a lot from, and have a lot to thank for Zoli and Csaba from Climate KIC. Although On our own web page maybe we can admit that we consider ourselves a bit different than the startup trends, not only because of our age and experiment, but because of the quantity of our ideas and our development methods. For us, it is not the competition that the most important is, but to find a partner who we can manage a succesful project with.

We have been making materials, documentations about our developments, projects for years, with no huge success. Failure is a very complex thing, such as success. We are able to renew, to accept failure, draw the consequences and make a change. We know we cant be good at everything, that is why we think in team and partners.

Of course we have to admit that mainly we are interested in finding the solution, in creative teamwork, in creating a device from zero with TRIZ guidance, in creating the cheap but lasting part-solutions.

As we have mentioned before, we are looking for investor(s).

What kind of an investor do we seek?

  • We would like a partner who can provide us the missing resources and in exchange is a partner in the success.
  • We would like a partner who doesnt run away facing the first difficulty but trust us to be able to do what we promised.
  • Who communicate with us freely and clearly and answer if we ask.

What do we give to our to-be partners?

  • Communication: we only say the truth, making up stories is not our thing.
  • Preparation: we prepare properly for every meeting, presentation…
  • Accuracy: first, we hate being late because it is a waste of time, and second, we always plan and estimate before talking about numbers, time or making promises. We dont talk through our hat…

Dear Visitor, if you are still interested in us, visit the Invention page to see our actual projects.

If you are interested in the above mentioned TRIZ method we use, check our SID page.

You can contact us via email:  info[at]