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SMARTii | F.P.S. – FireProofSystem
SMARTii | F.P.S. – FireProofSystem
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F.P.S. – FireProofSystem

Short description


In many countries of the world, the only affordable energy storage device to anyone is the LPG cylinder. The propane-butane provide high energy density, easy to use gas. Cost-effectively be liquefied and stored so good. South America to Europe via India to South East Asia hundreds of millions of pieces of LPG cylinders in use. The large fuel, gas, oil products and chemical tanks for fire protection are much better resolved, but nevertheless, they can explode at times.

The problem

The LPG gas cylinder serious drawback that as a result of open flame, explodes in 2-3 minutes, depending on the filling of the cylinder. (see: )


The essence of FPS solution is to manage the heat of the fire and thus delaying the direct thermal effect reach of the stored gas. The FPS equipped propane gas cylinder can resist to open flames minimum of 60 minutes instead of traditional PB cylinders 2-3 minutes explosion, the FPS usable to protect large, explosive materials storage tanks as well!

In short, FPS has the next main features:

  • it protects the cylinder/tank from the direct heat & thermal effects
  • enhances the protection, the fire resistance time of the cylinders/tanks
  • FPS technology can be used to save domestic gas cylinders and large tanks
  • In the case of household size cylinders the production extra costs cca. 30%
  • It can be retrofitted to large tanks
  • no toxic component in the system
  • is not dangerous to humans and the environment even if it is in fire
  • Zero GHG emission operation

For more information visit the website of FPS>>