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SeaWater-DrinkingWater transform technology

Facts – concerning drinking water claims near the coasts

     I.     Cyprus 2008 March – an example

“The next six months two tankers will transport drinking-water daily to the suffering from water shortage Cyprus in € 38million value from Greece – reported by BBC. The researchers explicit hold the Climate Change responsible for the dryness afflicting the island.” (you can find the latest news here about the former water shortages on the BBC official site)

Other examples where the DrinkingWater claim is actually is serious: Barcelona, Malaga, Sycilia, Malta, Algeria, Morocco, Lybia, Egypt, UAE, Saudi Arabia, etc..

II.   ~ 1,5 billion people live at coasts of oceans/seas who be in need water (source: internet)

III.  ~ 500 million people live in extremely arid or deserted provinces (source: internet)

Our team thought about this colossal problem and we invented a new technology and device for these people.

Essence of invention

The SWDW invention is a new, only solar-energy operated, multiple stage technology solution, which able to produce from Sea-water to mineral-water quality drinking water.

The special feature of this invention is that the transformation is possible in industrial and personal dimensions also.

Short brief about: How does work SWDW system

  1. preparation & filtering
  2. distillation
  3. condensation of distilled water
  4. store
  5. vitalization
  6. consumption

Benefit features of SWDW

  • operate with 100% solar energy
  • the device does not include dangerous materials
  • slightly less the moving components
  • Low-cost maintenance
  • simple construction, easily repairable & easy to install
  • subparts of system build up from reusable materials
  • low cost of production of water
  • easy to serial production
  • island type-stand alone operation – not need to any infrastructure network for its working


  • The SWDW device is not suitable to clear any sewage-water!
  • SWDW suitable and planned working method is to clear and transform any saltwater (from sea or underground) to drinking water.