SMARTii | CAD a tisztább levegőért
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CAD a tisztább levegőért


CAD simply stands for Clean Air Device, this tool can clean the smoke of boilers and combustion engines. The technology is a further development of electrostatic dust filters. IT is based on the optimum electromagnetic field control, that’s patenting is in progress. Based on the tests, on the prototype, CAD is capable of filtering and eliminating 95% of PMs (Particular Materials), NOx, CO and SO2. It was tested with many fuels: coal, wood, petrol, natural gas and trash. The echnology is scalable from 10 kW output to 1000 MW.

The technology is competitive on the market, due to its low operating costs, the fact that it does not need any additives, and also the CAPEX costs are not higher than any of our competitor’s.

The CAD technology has been tested in laboratory and in real life situations. It is ready to go to market as a product but the legal framework and the manufacturing technology need further investment.

After getting the necessary licenses and establishing the production plant and or network, first we would like to enter the German biogas engines market and the cargo ship industry where we see a high demand for our solution due to the high amount of emission but no effective solution to it, then we want expand our market in a controllable but rapid way to bigger and also smaller sized emitters.

The current version is applicable on power plants, biogas engines, and ships. Further development is planned and needed to apply the technology on buses and trucks.