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An outstanding innovation of the SMARTii team is SolEnEye, which is a concentrated solar power plant (CHP), which able to produce 1,5 kW electric & 2 kW thermal power, with 70% ,efficiency.

The SolEnEye can provide up to total energy independence for small business and individuals who are afraid of malfunctions, disruptions in the system, or want to do something about climate change.

SolEnEye was inspired by the fact that nowadays photovoltaic solar panels still have really high prices and they need multiple supporting systems. We wanted to develop a cheaper, easy-to-install asset which provides electricity. The SolEnEye not just fulfills these criteria but also can cater the house with hot water.

Brief description of the functioning of SolEnEye

The main function is that we are concentrating solar energy with a special 2.5m wide Fresnel-lens which heats up the evaporator of an ORC generator to T= 1’000°C which we produce electricity with.

At the condenser, we are extracting heat with a water cooling system which provides warm water for use.

As the figures show below the sphere has two main features. It is fixed to a pedestal but it can follow the movement of the sun throughout the day, to reach higher efficiency than the competitors. The other unique function is the cover which opens and closes automatically to protect the lens and the inner parts.

Characteristics of SolEnEye

–          Cheap and simple sun-following system
–          High evaporator side temperature T > 1.000°C
–          Highly efficient electricity generation ƞ > 30%
–          easy to repair system
–          long lifecycle ~20 év
–          Zero emission operation
–          Expected electric output Pel  = 1,5 kW
–          Expected heat output P= 2 kW
–          Integrated efficiency: ƞ = 70 %


Defining industry segment

the energy industry, family energy saving, green/renewable energy usage

Advantages compared to competitors in the market

  • Energy effective: SolEnEye has the integrated efficiency of 70%
  • Cost effective: Planned market price is ~4000€

Benchmarking table

SolEnEye PV – solar cells Parabolic-Stirling
Electricity W/m2 300 100-150 15-200
Electric efficiency 30% 10-15% 15-20%
Heat generating efficiency 40% 0 40%
System efficiency 70% 10-15% 55-60%
Operational costs low low high
Price (€/m2) 800 300 1,000
ROI (year) 5 12 10



  1. competitors are solar cells
  2. competitors are heat collectors
  3. Stirling-generators with parabolic mirrors


Current Phase

The Fresnel lens was tested and we were able to reach 1’100°C in a focus point with the diameter of 4mm

Expected development time

6 months

Business plan status

Business plan and budget was worked out which covers the development time and the first 5 business years.

SolEnEye_on_modern_house   SolEnEye_an_italian_house   Soleneye_on_croatian_house